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Congratulations to Pei Platin to enter 100/10 club
There were 30 players in nfl jerseys in history completed 100 four-point guards in their career, 10 of which were a famous player. Nearly 100 players have at least 10 passes in their careers, but they have these two records that have appeared yesterday.

With the end of the US time over Thursday, Green Bay packages take 42 more than 10 Dasheng Mingsidavijing team, the packageman's Julis Pei Platin (Julius Peppers) Make him a player who completed 100 kills and 10 times in nfl jerseys history.

Come carefully, this is the first to Pai Platin in the package. It is also the third team he costs and takes a score. It is the Carolina Black Leopard and Chicago Bear. It is also his first jump. The audience celebrated with the fans.

He also harvested half a killing and raised its own killing data to 120.5.