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Eagle and cheap nfl jerseys from china quadruptions of Kakanson - Wenz signed a contract for four years of $ 128 million contract
Beijing June 7 hearing on Thursday US time, according to ESPN correspondent reports, has been with the Eagles quarterback Carson - signed a new four-year contract, salary $ 128 million Wentz (Carson Wentz), including over 1.07 Billion US dollar guarantee. After all incentive clauses, the salary can reach approximately 144 million US dollars. Plus his rookie contract's remainder, Wenz is currently 6 years, with a total salary of $ 154 million.

Previously, the eagle has implemented the fifth year of Wenz Rookie Contract. However, Howie Roseman, the team executive vice president, although Wenz has been reimbursed in the injury season for two consecutive years, but he will not have any hesitation in renewal.

Wenz currently has no chance of the eagle starting in the rancing of the eagle, it is currently the current American Tiger 4-point Haknik-Wolls.

Wenz is the 2016 eagle show, his career passed the completion rate of 63.7%, advanced 10152 yards, reached 70 times, was copied twenty 8 times. The transfer of 40 games scored 92.5.

Since the 2017 outbreak, reached the number of array (2.3) Wentz field ranked third in the league, second only to Patrick - Macho James (Patrick Mahomes) (3.1) and Andrew - Clark (Andrew Luck) (2.4).